【Title】 内蒙古呼伦贝尔地质公园地质遗迹资源特征与评价(Characteristics of Geoheritage and Evaluation in HulunBuirGeopark, Inner Mongolia, China);

【Author in Chinese】 周旭

【Supervisor】 田明中

【Author's Information】 中国地质大学(北京), 地理学, 2014, 硕士

【Abstract in Chinese】 地质遗迹是生态环境的组成部分,也是不可再生自然遗产的重要组成部分,记录着地质环境演化、海陆变迁、生物进化等地球演化历程,具有重要的观赏价值及科研价值。地质公园以地质遗迹景观为核心,是展示地球科学知识的天然博物馆,是保护地质遗迹资源的有效方式。




【Abstract】 Geoheritageis animportant part of the entironment,and it is also animportant part ofthe non-renewable natural heritage.Geoheritagewhich hasimportant scientific value and ornamental valuerecorded the process aboutthe evolution ofthe geo-environment, the changes in land and sea,thebiological evolution and so on. Specialized ingeoheritage,geopark is thenatural museum to demonstrate the scientific knowledge and the effectiveway to protect geoheritage. On the base of the collection of previousinformation and the author’s investigation,this paper conducted field researchand related data,thegeoheritageweredescribed,classified and evaluated.Inorder to promote a better understanding of this type of research,combinedwith the conservation status and problems of the geopark,the paper maderecommendations on protection and development.The various types ofgeoheritage quantity of HulunbuirGeopark is rich.Ordering lakes, rivers,wetlands and granite landforms as the main feature,thegeopark is acombination of scientific research,science education andeco-tourism andleisure.Based on the characteristics ofgeoheritageofHulunbuirGeopark,referring to"Geoheritage Type Table" published byMinistry of Land and Resources,the paper divided it into three categoriesincluding geological structure, landscapes and water landscape,six classesincluding structural features, rocky landscape, water landscape, springlandscape, lake view, river view,eightsubclassesincluding small and mediumconstruction, granite landscape, water erosion landform, water accumulationlandform, Cold Spring landscape, lake landscape, wetland landscape, scenicriver.Italso introduced and analyzed the distribution and characteristics ofgeoheritage and the formation of some important geoheritage.There are many evaluation methods about tourism resources andgeoheritage resources at home and abroad.Evaluation of geoheritage is a multi-level complex task, there is no uniform evaluation system.And there isno exact quantitative indicators in the quantitative assessment.For thegeoheritageof HulunbuirGeopark,this paper determined the index weight withthe method of Analytic Hierarchy Process and Delphi,and the comprehensiveevaluation was conducted by Grey System Theory,which can better reflectthe overall opinion of the Expert Group by a small amount of calculations.There are some problems on protection and development ofHulunbuirGeopark like inadequate protection facilities, inadequate research,geological disaster impact, serious vandalism.In order to better protectgeolheritage and achieve the sustainable development of HulunbuirGeopark,based on the theory of sustainable development,the paper put forwarded theguiding measures and recommendations. 

【Keywords in Chinese】 地质遗迹地质公园评价
【Key words】 GeoparkGeoheritageEvaluation; 
【Contributor】 中国地质大学(北京)
【Year of Internet Publish】201410

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